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OKRs and User Stories

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Welcome Singular Agency Product Owners! You play a critical role in shaping successful products that deliver real value to customers. But with so many potential ideas and limitations on development resources, determining what to build can be a major challenge. That's why we've created this course on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and story mapping – two powerful techniques to help you focus product development on what matters most. With OKRs, you’ll learn how to set meaningful goals and metrics that align to business needs. Story mapping will show you how to visualize the customer journey and plan incremental feature releases that drive outcomes. These methods will help you: Identify the right problems to solve to advance business and customer goals Prioritize the ideas that will have the biggest impact Map engaging product experiences that users will love Develop a release strategy to accelerate value Rally and align your team to a shared vision Whether you're looking to optimize an existing product or pioneering an innovative new offering, applying OKRs and story mapping will focus your efforts for success. This course will give you hands-on practice to build these skills. You’ll leave ready to engage your teams and lead discovery of winning solutions. Let’s get started with a powerful new way to shape products people want!

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