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Secrets to Optimal US Client Service

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Introduction The Course covers strategies and rules of thumb for delivering optimal client service that apply to any professional services role. Key Points Avoid using industry jargon when communicating with clients. It can make clients feel foolish if they don't understand, leading to resentment. Pause frequently when presenting to clients. It slows you down when nervous, encourages dialogue, and shifts the power balance slightly in your favor. Look for opportunities to give clients advice contrary to your own interests. This powerfully establishes credibility. Ask open-ended questions to get clients talking about themselves and to learn about their interests and concerns. Be upbeat and positive. Clients want to work with energetic, positive people. Be careful mixing business and social activities. Focus on being smart and working hard. Be humble, not arrogant. Make genuine compliments to indicate humility. Be responsive and available, especially early in the client relationship. First impressions matter. Take a position and make recommendations. Don't equivocate or back down. Control the meeting. Don't let anyone derail you or take things off topic. Have an agenda. Get client buy-in. Take notes and recap action items. This prevents dropped balls. Key Takeaway The core themes are avoiding industry jargon, being positive and responsive, taking control of meetings, providing clear recommendations, and establishing credibility through humility and client-first advice.

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